Learn stop motion secrets with HUE Animation Studio!  #1 Squash & Stretch

Colourful, affordable technology to inspire creative learning and teaching. OUR MISSION is to inspire parents and educators by offering a variety of products perfect for use in the classroom and at home. OUR PRODUCTS are designed to provide colourful, innovative and affordable technology and are popular with teachers, parents, and students worldwide. Our product range includes the portable HUE HD USB camera, the HUE HD Pro visualiser, and HUE Animation Studio. HUE Animation Studio is a STEM.org approved educational toy, popular with teachers, parents, and children. It includes the HUE HD camera, a single licence of HUE Animation stop motion software and the 64-page HUE Book of Animation full of tips and ideas. The HUE Animation software includes the ability to upload animations directly to Creatubbles, a fun, friendly and safe creative platform for kids, families, and teachers.
Clay / plasticine. Googly, craft eyes (optional). HUE “Squash & Stretch” animation templates (optional but highly recommended) available for free from huehd.com/resources. Blu Tack or Tape (optional but highly recommended). A Computer, stop-motion software and camera (i.e. HUE Animation Studio) or a smart phone or tablet with a stop motion animation app.

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