Phonics with Robot Reg

I’m Kelly and I run Phonics with Robot Reg in Chelmsford. We are lively, educational classes opening up a world of literacy and language for parents and children. By introducing key skills within the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum before school, we are giving children a boost in confidence when listening and understanding sounds in the world around them.
Expect an interactive session with a Space theme! We focus on a sound and play phonics games to introduce children to early literacy skills. We also learn early reading skills like how to speak like a Robot with the help of our friend Robot Reg! Robot Reg loves a disco and we invite you to join us for Robot Reg’s rave with some Playdough to squeeze and manipulate which strengthens those little hands and is great fun! During our space session, we will bring a popular nursery rhyme to life and use our imagination to zoom to the moon. Have a box or laundry basket for your rocket and a colander or space hat ready for lift off!
- Scarves, Pom Poms or ribbon to dance with.
- Play dough for Robot Reg’s Rave.
- Laundry Basket or box for a spaceship and a space hat (colander or bowl!)

When available, please refer to the schedule for the most up to date listings of performances and timings