Theodora Giggle Doctors

For 25 years, Theodora Children’s Charity has been transforming the hospital environment from somewhere that can be very scary and isolating, into a place with moments of fun, play and laughter. We do this by providing specially trained performers called Giggle Doctors, who bring magical moments to thousands of children in hospital every year. Wearing their very own white ‘doctor’ coats, which represent their character, a Giggle Doctor spends time one to one with the children, creating opportunities for children to play and interact through a range of musical, magical and fun activities.
Whilst our Giggle Doctors are not in hospitals visiting children at the moment, that hasn’t stopped them from getting up to their usual mischief at home! You’ll find all of your favourite Giggle Doctors being just as silly as they are when they come to visit you on the wards. Theodora Giggle Doctors have all sorts of jokes, riddles, tricks, songs and crafty skills, and they’re here to share them with you!

When available, please refer to the schedule for the most up to date listings of performances and timings