Sussed Card Games

by Games to Get

Make talking the best part of your day with Sussed Card Games! As a family, we realised our lives would be a lot less stressful if we got to know each other better. Our solution was to create thousands of real and imaginary scenarios that tell us more about each other in minutes than we might find out in years. Since starting in 2011, over one million people globally have played Sussed in five different languages. For some, Sussed is a hilarious conversation-starter, for others a highly competitive game. Along the way, we’ve discovered that getting to know someone is more than just an event: it's a journey that can change both of you. And so we continue our adventure through a curious world of scenarios and conversations, on a quest to put our assumptions about each other to the test! Our hope is that, through Sussed and our donation of 10% of our profits to charity, we will spread a little happiness along the way!

When available, please refer to the schedule for the most up to date listings of performances and timings