Meet The Pods

The Pods are a group of 8 characters that live on their very own Planet Pod, whilst at the same time interacting in our world. They are always looking to have fun, trying to understand the world and motivate, inspire and entertain all those they meet. They celebrate each other’s strengths and differences. Together, through humour and teamwork they address all of life’s ups, downs and triumphs. Through their unique diversity, they help children to learn and understand that we are all individuals and collectively we can acknowledge each other’s individuality. We post daily on social media., with an array of content ranging from jokes, motivational quotes, positive thoughts and The Pods’ very own interpretation of world events. Our channels provide a daily dose of fun, positivity and inspiration. We also post on the children’s interactive channel, POPJAM, which sees children enthusiastically engaging with our content. We are on a mission to fill the gap in the market for a fun and focused venture that, through the diversity of the characters, caters for all children, spanning from mainstream to those with special needs. Join us for motivational/inspirational quotes, jokes, fun facts & observations at

When available, please refer to the schedule for the most up to date listings of performances and timings